An engagement to perform an exploratory R&D project to determine the technical feasibility of an idea. The resulting work will not be designed for commercial use but may later be polished and incorporated into a future work.


Hourly Rates

Due to the nature of R&D type work, we generally cannot accurately estimate how long a study will take until a satisfactory result is determined. We can however create time boxed periods to trigger evaluation of continuing the study.


  • 1 hour initial requirements documentation meeting. Additional meetings as necessary.

  • Research of technologies and techniques required to solve technical challenge.

  • When possible, implementation of functioning code solving the technical challenge in some capacity. This may not be commercially viable code and may require special developer tools in specific environments to execute.


  • Document summarizing the feasibility (or infeasibility) of the idea.

  • When determined infeasible, explanation of why and identification of triggers for reevaluation or alternative suggestions.

  • When feasible, as appropriate, the source code of the proposed solution.

Customer Outcome:

  • Confidence that an idea is technically feasible and that proceeding with commercialization is warranted.

  • Or alternatively, knowledge that an idea is not feasible within given constraints (time, money, human resources) and should be reevaluated before further investment.