A limited or ongoing engagement for informal assistance with the formation process from our experienced product development team. Up to 2 hours per week.


$1000 - 8 Hour Block


  • Up to 2 hours per week of discussion (via phone or in person) or research

  • Discussions can cover topics such as:

    • Product feasibility

    • Product / market fit

    • Product feedback

    • Branding recommendations and feedback

    • Business model evaluation

    • Business formation and operational guidance

    • Referrals to preferred systems or vendors

    • Any other topic related to your business

  • Research can be performed as needed to provide data and / or insights to questions encountered during discussions.


  • Informal discussion notes (as appropriate; delivered via email)

  • Research notes / summary (as needed for research work; delivered via email)

Customer Outcome:

  • Increased confidence in product concept based on evaluation by experienced product development team.

  • Improved understanding of product feasibility and complexities.

  • Improved understanding of business formation process.

  • Referrals to vetted vendors for business formation tasks (legal, financial, etc.)