Architecture and design for the intelligent table limit sign.



VisuaLimits is the maker of the most advanced table limit signage system for casino table gaming. More than just a simple presentation tool, the VisuaLimits' VL-Focus system is an operational and analytics platform enabling new possibilities on the casino floor.





With its 4th generation table limit sign, VisuaLimits wanted to do something groundbreaking in its space. While their previous generation signs were miles ahead of any competition - providing not only bet limit and game rule information as one might expect but offering high-res advertisements opportunities triggered by patented game sensing technology - they were still a single purpose solution. With the latest sign generation, they wanted to move beyond being simply a high end "sign" to become an interactive hub for casino staff and sensor array for collecting real time data that was simply not available previously in the table games space or too expensive to realistically capture.

With this bold new vision, VisuaLimits needed to completely rebuild their hardware and software. As part of this endeavor, VisuaLimits and its internal development team began working with us to create the software foundation for their new platform. The platform needed to be feature rich and multi-lingual, scalable and fault tolerant to network and hardware failures, work in 24/7/365 closed environments where direct support was not possible, be physically and digitally highly secure, be simple to operate, set up, and service, handle large volumes of private data in a highly secure fashion, integrate with numerous hardware peripherals and 3rd party systems, and communicate with cloud-based resources and services.

VisuaLimits' new product has seen rapid growth in 2015 and 2016 and is now operating in dozens of casinos across North America and Europe. From the projects inception until now, our team has been an integral part of the VisuaLimits product success - including providing architecture and design level strategy, implementing core product features, integrating with relevant external software providers, providing on site product support, and engaging with customers on behalf of the company. 


9/26/17 - NRT Technology Completes Acquisition of VisuaLimits
NRT Sightline acquires VisuaLimits


  • Server/Cloud Stack: Windows; MS SQL; ASP.NET WebAPI
  • Server/Cloud UI: ASP.NET MVC; KnockoutJS
  • Signage: Windows Application; HTML5 and KnockoutJS in Chrome for UI; SQLite
  • Messaging: MSMQ, WebSockets