Reporting Dashboard for Switch RCM


Switch RCM provides healthcare revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals. Their customers include recognizable top 10 ranked US hospital brands.




In healthcare, access to data is often more difficult than it ought to be for many reasons: lack of technical resources; restricted or no access to either source data or enterprise warehouses; outdated systems unable to run fast, comprehensive, and interactive ad hoc reports; cumbersome IT requests for data or report creation - these are just a few contributing factors.

SwitchRCM solves these problems for revenue cycle management teams by delivering an always-on HIPAA-compliant cloud-based reporting and analytics dashboard. Offering out-of-the-box, interactive dashboards that cover AR performance, denials, credits, insurance follow-up, contract performance, contract modeling, and more - including proprietary reporting approaches for delivering even more insights.

Leveraging the power of Qlik Sense Business Intelligence (BI) platform for reporting, adding in an easy-to-use and easy-to-access web based dashboard, and distilling years of experience and know-how in to their out-of-the-box reports - SwitchRCM is able to help their customers gain greater insights and visibility and often reclaim significant sums of lost revenue hidden in their processes.



  • Stack: Windows Server; MS SQL Express; ASP.NET WebAPI
  • Backend UI: ASP.NET MVC; AngularJS
  • Reporting: Qlik Sense
  • System Integrations: Qlik Sense Single Sign On; Qlik Sense Embedded Reports
  • Hosting: HIPAA-compliant AWS environment