Ticketing Platform for Culinary Events Company


Secret Burger is an events company with a secret - a secret menu that is. Secret Burger allows every day foodies access to off-the-menu dishes through ticketed culinary pop-up events at celebrated restaurants prepared by renowned chefs.

And for restaurateurs and chefs alike - the opportunity to create unique dishes outside their standard fare - allowing them to have a bit a fun, experiment and try out new dishes, and drive additional covers generating significant over spend with no risk.



Hospitality; Events;


As CTO and a Founder, Brandon, owner of object studio, lead the design and development effort to create the ticketing platform for this one-of-a-kind events company. The platform required a full suite of ticketing features: a visually engaging marketplace of events, a simple and attractive ticket purchasing process, a approachable merchant dashboard for self-management of their events and guests, and a powerful admin dashboard - and full support for mobile, desktop, and tablet users.

Visual design by brandonlackey.co.



  • Stack: Windows Server; MS SQL; .NET
  • API: ASP.NET WebAPI; RESTful JSON; Swagger Docs;
  • Management Dashboard UI: Angular 7; Bootstrap 4
  • Frontend UI: ASP.NET MVC; AngularJS; Bootstrap 4; Contentful CMS
  • System Integrations: Twilio; Stripe; Facebook Messenger Chat Widget
  • Hosting: AWS