Word Puzzle Mobile Game for Triora Technologies



Triora Technologies, is a mobile game studio founded by three young entrepreneurs from Las Vegas. In partnership with the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education, these first time founders, now entering their first years of college, contracted objectstudio - in conjunction with Smash Co Games and Right Angle Studio - to design and develop their first title - Equii.



Mobile Games. Education.


The Triora Technologies team desired to bring to life a game concept they hatched as they approached their final months of high school. The game would bring together many of the common features that have made other mobile puzzle games so popular and also have a strong educational element – asking players to exercise their thinking skills to solve picture-based equations. The founding team approached the Agassi Foundation to partner in launching their project and successfully pitched the idea – giving birth to Equii – the addictive word puzzle game.

The core aim of an Equii match is to determine the meaning of a collection of images, letters, numbers and operators. An example might be:


Know the answer? It's "abundance".

Players have the option of solving Equii equations in multi-player matches – using Powerups and Advantages to help best their opponent in a race to 10 correct puzzles – or the option to play solo matches where they solve puzzles created by other users – earning rank on the in-game leaderboards. All their activity awards them coins they can use to buy items from the in-game store – where Powerups, Advantages, and Avatars are available.

The app revenue model is 2-fold. The app is ad-supported with ads delivered via the Admob platform and players are also able to purchase coins packages using in-app purchases (ie real money).

The app is available for free on iOS and Android. Phones and Tablets.



5/1/18 - Version 1.5 Released on iOS and Android
Adding a new single player experience, a host of UX updates, and launch to a number of international markets.

11/28/17 - Version 1.0 Released on iOS
The first version of the app is release on iOS

11/25/17 - Version 1.0 Released on Android
The first version of the app is release on Android.



  • Puzzle Backend Stack: Windows; MS SQL; DynamoDB; ASP.NET WebAPI;
  • Puzzle Backend UI: ASP.NET MVC; AngularJS
  • Puzzle Backend Hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Mobile: Unity; Doozy UI
  • Mobile Backend Service: PlayFab
  • Mobile Multiplayer Service: Photon
  • System Integrations: AdMob; In App Purchases; WebPurify