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A passion project of the object studio founder, Brandon Peterson, Capitol Call aims to take the guesswork out of contacting congress and lobbying your representatives for change.

Launched one week after the 1st Women's March in 2017, fueled by inspiration from outpouring of activism displayed at the march, and a dose of uncertainty about the incoming administration, Brandon committed to directing his energies at creating something meaningful and tangible in the effort to affect political change.

From its original conception, Capitol Call has grown in scope to become a platform aimed at furthering political engagement from every citizens - with opportunities for groups of all political affiliations to participate and advocate.



Politics. Activism.



3/16/18 - Version 3.2 Released on iOS
Introduced the Vote tab - with voter registration and verification powered by Vote.org and a new midterm election countdown timer. Also added were political preference filters for the Take Action tab and a new slick onboarding experience.

3/15/18 - Mentioned in Apple's Student Protest feature.
On the day of the National Student Walkout, Apple highlighted Capitol Call as an app to help provide students with tools to take further political action following their protest that morning.

1/30/18 - Featured as App of the Day on the App Store
Leading up the the State of the Union, Apple featured Capitol Call for a 2nd time - reaching #7 on the app store charts in the News category - just below Fox News and CNN.

1/28/18 - Version 3.0 Released on iOS
Introduced the News Center (powered by NewsAPI.org and media bias data from AllSides.com), detail rep profiles (powered by Propublica.org), and state and local campaign support in the Action Center.

1/20/18 - Mentioned in Apple's Women March feature.
Alongside other activism related apps and apps dedicated to women's issues, Capitol Call was a recommended download.

1/1/18 - Featured in Apple's 2017 App Culture Highlights
Alongside heavyweights like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, and Coinbase, Capitol Call was featured as one of 20 influencers of app culture in 2017.

9/20/17 - Featured as App of the Day on the App Store
In the first week of the iOS 11 App Store, Apple featured Capitol Call. Reached #9 in the News category.

6/12/17 - Launched Organizer Tools.
Allowing outside organizations to contribute campaigns, track progress, and send push notifications to followers and supporters.

3/4/17 - Version 2.0 Released on Android.

3/1/17 - Version 2.0 Released on iOS
Introduced the Action Center to provide direction for users looking for guidance on their calls to congress.

1/30/17 - Version 1.0 Released on iOS
The first version of the app is released on iOS.

1/28/17 - Version 1.0 Released on Android
The first version of the app is released on Android.



  • Backend: Windows; MS SQL; ASP.NET WebAPI;
  • Backend Hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Web Dashboard: ASP.NET MVC; AngularJS
  • Mobile: Ionic
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • System Integrations: Google Civics API; Google Geocoding API; NewsAPI.org API; Propublica.org Api