White-label prescription discount card distribution platform



American Benefits Club (ABC Club, LLC) is a Utah based company part of a prescription discount card network built by Argus Health Systems that is capable of providing up to 75% savings on prescription drugs. ABC is a distribution and marketing entity that aims to use online marketing tools to reach eligible consumers. Argus provides card processing and maintenance of the pharmacy network.




The goal of the ABC technology solution was to create a white-label solution on multiple platforms (web, mobile web, iOS, Android) capable of very high throughput to support large traffic spikes based on targeted marketing efforts in large online communities.

The backbone of the solution is a high performance API providing enrollment and user services – including location-based pharmacy searches. This API is consumed by a JavaScript library that is leveraged across all platforms - creating a single codebase that can be re-purposed in many product solutions each focusing on a targeted marketing channel.

The first of these marketing initiates is targeting religious affiliated member networks under the brand Healing Hands RX:


The HHRX website is designed to be hosted entirely in Amazon’s S3 storage system, requiring no additional front end web hosting servers – allowing for massive scalability.

In addition to technology consulting, we also provided design and product management oversight and guidance.




  • Backend Stack: Windows 2012; MS SQL; ASP.NET WebAPI
  • Websites: Pure HTML hosted in AWS S3; AngularJS
  • Mobile: HTML5-based Cordova mobile app; Ionic framework
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Crazy Egg