Earn money for new client referrals.


The objectstudio referral program is designed to be clear and consistent and to drive referral business through financial incentive. Referrals can happen organically but rather than rely on infrequent word of mouth, by adding financial opportunity we are hoping to make referral an intentional effort for our referral partners.

Additionally, by identifying specific steps to the referral process, we are able to assign concrete value to the effort of referral partners and compensate in a consistent and well defined manner.



The primary types of services that OS performs and that we are interested in receiving:

mobile applications
This specifically means apps that run on iOS and/or Android phones and tablets.

web applications
This specifically is software that runs in a browser and is delivered over the internet. This is technically different from a "website" - which is primarily meant for marketing purposes - and generally provides some sort of function or feature. 

A technology solution that combines many pieces of software - generally including mobile applications, web applications, APIs, data analysis services, and other technologies.  

In general, we most often focus on the class of solutions referred to as "information systems" or "applications".

OS is interested in working on new technology products or new technology initiatives for existing companies. Generally we are not well positioned to work on existing software unless in an effort to take over the project.

Technology projects that are generally not well suited for referral are marketing websites, e-commerce websites, embedded systems or hardware development.

Often potential clients will refer to their project as "a website" or "an app" - it will sometimes be necessary to investigate further to understand specifically what they mean and whether it is a good referral option.



A key challenge in identify good clients is to understand who just has "an idea" and who has the potential to actually succeed with their project. A key ingredient to success is capital. In that light, these types of people or companies would make a good referee:

  • A start-up that has secured investment (or is likely to in the near future)
  • A start-up founder that has significant personal capital to invest
  • An entrepreneur with a track record of successful businesses (even non-technology businesses)
  • A decision-maker at an existing company that is looking to build a new software solution



We understand that when making a referral, there is an element of your credibility that you put on the line. And so it will be important - both for the sale and your piece of mind - to understand what differentiates OS from other similar firms:

  • We have a history of successful deliveries across multiple industries and business sizes - from startup to enterprise.
  • We offer a well defined pre-engagement process that helps ensure project success. We identify requirements in detail, establish informed cost estimates, identify challenges and pitfalls and risks, and in general ensure all stake holders are informed and resources organized prior to any code being written.
  • We operate lean - meaning we can often provide better pricing but still maintain high deliverable quality.
  • All development is done in the US but senior level developers with broad skill sets.
  • We offer high touch customer service and availability. Communication is a key component of our team culture.
  • We are business focused - meaning we understand that the technology is designed to drive the business - not the other way around - helping us provide informed guidance to clients about priorities and return on investment.

To better understand our service offering and pricing, see our service offering page.



An email introduction is great - and welcomed! - but in order to cross the threshold from being simply a good business community member to being a compensated member of the process, a good referral should follow these guidelines:

Vet that candidate is serious - i.e. willing/able to pay, has done some preliminary investigation in to feasibility of solution; provide information about OS and its portfolio; set and attend initial meeting - either by phone or in person.

Project Negotiation
Work with OS to convince the candidate to sign development contract; Deliver estimates and quotes; Field questions or pass along to OS team as needed; Be present during negotiations; Ensure contracts are signed and received by OS;

Client Relationship Management
Onboard client - collect payment information, contact details; Be client advocate - ensure they understand development process and agile development, set up on management software, touch base for feedback during project, follow-up on billing/reminder of milestones; Perform post-project follow-up: collect referrals/testimonials, website and social posts about important client events i.e. launch, awards, case study for OS website; 



Paid in milestones over project lifespan. Projects must be over $10K.

3% of Revenue - Referral Fee

2.5% of Revenue - Project Negotiation Fee

2.5% of Revenue - Client Relationship Management Fee



Paid at end of project after final payment by client. Projects must be over $10K.

25% of Profit - Referral and Project Negotiation Fee

15% of Profit - Client Relationship Management Fee