5 Years of Building the Dream

I tend to be the type of person who focuses more on the future and what is to come rather than one who reflects on the past - but reaching the 5 years milestone of objectstudio seemed almost like an obligatory moment for reflection and review. At the very least, establishing a 5 year cadence for this sort of thing means I won't have to do this again until 2023 :)

Starting objectstudio (then Applied Principle Software Solutions) wasn't actually something that I had originally planned. But due to circumstances at the time, I found myself in a position to decide where my next steps would take me and as I look back now I am grateful I chose to believe in myself and my abilities. That choice has given me so much more than expected and has really helped shape what I now believe the purpose of work is.

Beyond addressing the everyday need to provide financial stability - I am fortunate to have work that allows me to cultivate my interests, express my values, and pursue my vision for myself and even society at large. The benefits of working with innovative and passionate people are immeasurable and the now ubiquitous nature of technology in our society means that as a technologist - even in small groups or as individuals we really can have a profound impact on the lives of many.

Certainly not every project has such a grand scope and not every one "saves the world" - but the possibilities are there - and that is what excites me each day. I have always been interested in how people interact with software - whether in work, in play, in civic activities - and how we can partner with it to be more efficient, effective, informed, profitable, safe, and hopefully happy. Equally interesting is how we buffer ourselves and the products we build against the negative effects of technology - whether it just be annoying or actually harmful.

Perhaps most - what objectstudio offers me is the opportunity to be intentional, thoughtful, and independent. And my hope is that as object studio progresses and grows - that we provide these same benefits to the customers that trust us with their reputations, their dreams, and, of course, their money. 

Brandon Peterson
Founder / Owner

This is the 1st of a series of blog posts looking back at our first 5 years. Check back for Part 2.